About how I work

A grooming session at Cat Pretty; how does it go?

Cat Pretty is a grooming service for cats only (no dogs) and is done only by appointment.
This is to prevent that possible stress of a cat that’s being groomed can transfer to waiting cats. This also means that there is no or hardly any waiting time. Calmness and patience are the basis of my way of grooming. Before we start I ask some information about the cat (age, health etc.) and we decide what grooming treatment would be best. I usually also make before and after photo’s for the record of the cat. I may use these photo’s for the grooming salon’s facebook page. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, no problem. Just let me know.
The cats are groomed without sedation.
Though they dislike not being in control, most cats let themselves be groomed.

Only if a cat is truly aggressive or very scared, I will end the session. This doesn’t happen that often, and when it does it usually already becomes clear within the first minutes. So rather than ‘ending’ the session I just ‘don’t start’ it. If I did already started I try to finish it up as quickly as possible, with doing the most urgent, if the cat can handle it. If a cat is too aggressive or extremely scared (often a combination) it’s friendlier to have him or her groomed under sedation at a veterinary clinic.

I have a small grooming salon at home. I kept it as ‘homey’ as possible to avoid association with the vet clinic, but still easy to clean The owner can stay present during the grooming treatment. The presence of the owner has a calming effect on the cat and with very agile cats it’s nice if the owner can give a hand holding the cat.

Public transport (bus and metro) are at walking distance and so is (free) parking.

Each treatment starts with a some questions about the cat. I make a picture for the cat’s file and we will look at the condition of the coat, and decide which treatment would be the best. I ussually start with the clipping of the nails. Only the tips are clipped off. The nails will have their normal sharpness again in about a week.

If just the nail clipping causes a lot of stress or if the cat goes outside a lot (and needs it’s nails for defense) I’ll try if the cat behaves well enough to do the grooming without clipping the nails.

During the grooming I keep you informed if I notice anything abnormal. After the grooming is done I take a picture again, so that I know what I did when the cat has the next grooming appointment. It’s possible that I put some before & after photo’s on the facebook page of the grooming salon. If you prefer not to have your cat on facebook, that’s no problem. Just let me know. I will then use the photo’s only for the cat’s file.

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