About the services & fees

I groom cats on:

~ Wednesday afternoon

~ Thursday afternoon

~ Friday afternoon

~ Saturday mornings

My grooming salon, a small but quiet room at my house, is located in Amsterdam Zuidoost, Montfoorthof, close to highways A2, A9 and A10 and metro station Reigersbos.

Payment methods: ’tikkie’, invoice, pin, cash.

Information about the treatments (for information about the fees click here)

PLEASE NOTE: Cancellation is possible up to 24 hours in advance. In case of cancellation on the day of the appointment a fee (€ 25) will be charged for the scheduled grooming time and preparation time. In exceptional cases this may be waived.

~ Shaving:

If the cat has mats that can’t be detangled, or felted fur, the coat will be shaved off. Head, tail and legs will not be shaved.
Please note that after being groomed a shaved cat that has acces to a garden or balcony must be able to go indoors as it pleases (during each season). Also make sure the cat is kept warm during the trip home after the shaving session.

~ Combing (removal old hair / mat prevention):

Loose hair will be removed manually. This is only possible if there are no or just a few mats. If a cat has a very dense coat with a lot of onderwool (the soft fluffy hairs) that easily mats part of the underwool can be combed out where needed.

~ Combination Shaving & Combing:

It’s also possible to shave only the problem areas (for instance belly, arm pits, groins) and comb the rest of the coat.

~ Washing:

If the cat’s coat has gotten a bit greasy or dandruffy at the end the grooming session, the cat can be sponged down with a hand cloth, and dried with a towel.

It’s possible to shower the cat with skinfriendly cat-shampoo, but this is not standard procedure because the washing itself and the dry blowing often means a lot of extra stress for the cat. Therefor this is only done in exceptional cases (!) and, for practical reasons, only in the salon. I also prefer to let the cat keep it’s own smell as much as possible. Especially if the cat is sharing its house with other pets.

Costs and service area home visits:

~ Parking costs will be charged.

~ The mileage fee for all appointments that do not take place in the grooming salon is € 0,25 / km over the entire route and two way.

New client-stop for house visits: Since lugging around around with my grooming tools has become physically too demanding and because my schedule no longer allows scheduling in a lot of time for travelling, I can no longer accept new clients for appointments at home. New clients are of course welcome to make an appointment in the salon. If you have mobility issues and live within my service area I may be able to make an exception. (extra costs : 25 cent travel allowance per km from postal code 1106 JV, two way + parking in case of paid parking)

** For regular Cat Pretty clients house visits can still be planned, if that was customary until now. **

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